Event Specifics

Big Gay WOD is just a few days away! Here are a couple of random thoughts about the day and how things will work:

– If you still haven’t registered and want to participate, please register BEFORE 9am on Saturday. We’ll open our doors around 8:30am so if you plan on paying cash (or registering with us at the venue), please show up early. We’re going to be creating the heat sheets on the fly and can’t accept any new athletes after 9AM.

– Registration and check in will close by about 0945. Again, arrive a touch early and it’s all good in the hood!

– Those that registered on April 14th or before will receive their t-shirt onsite. Those who registered AFTER April 14th will receive their t-shirt in about two weeks (we’ll place a final order on Monday). If you want us to ship it to you, bring $5 (we have a card swiper, too).

– At 10am, I’ll start briefing the first WOD and we should have the first few heats ready to go. We’re going to start with the Scaled folks!

– After the competition is finished, we’ll do a short award presentation and picture sesh. We’re going to pick up beer for everyone and we hope that you’ll hang out for a bit! Our goal is to get the competition piece done by 4pm (depends on enrollment, of course).

– Feel free to bring your friends and family – there is no cost for spectators.

– While we have a decent parking situation at DelVal, I would still recommend carpooling. Please don’t block in our neighbors rollup doors and use Abbott Dr as overflow. Please review the directions that are located on our website. The gym is in the BACK of Satellite Three!

– Our auxiliary gym (right next door) will be the spot for stowing your gear, and will also function as the warm-up area. CFDV members can use the usual cubbies. There are two bathrooms in the warm-up space and two in the ‘main’ area (well, one is in the main area and one is in the office). All total – four potties.

If you have any other miscellaneous questions about the day, please leave them in comments and I’ll add them to this post. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

Big Sexy

BGW Workout #3

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.17.47 PMWorkout # 3 will be:

16 minute clock

Start by running one mile (our infamous ‘Broomile’ course)
then with time remaining perform AMRAP
6 Pistols (3R/3L, scaled competitors do 6 Split Jumps 3R/3L)
12 Over-Bar Burpees
18 Deadlifts (185/135 for RX, 155/105 for Scaled).

In the event of inclement weather, we’ll sub the run for a 2k row.


BGW Workout #2


The second workout for BGW is…

Perform 150 Double Unders
With remaining time, find max Squat Clean Thruster (cluster)

If a cluster attempt is missed, the athlete must perform 15 dubs to try again. Score for the workout is weight lifted. Bars will be preloaded with 95/65 for RX and 75/55 for scaled. Scaled athletes may either do a) RX double unders or b) perform 150 singles and 15 burpees (missed cluster buy-in will be 15 singles and 3 burpees for ‘b’ athletes).

BGW Workout #1


Here’s the first workout for Big Gay WOD. Enjoy!

10-Minute AMRAP
10 Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead (5L/5R, alternating)
10 Pullups

RX: 70/50
Scaled: 50/35 with 15 Jumping Pullups

The dumbbell will start settled on the ground with both ‘bell’ heads in contact with the floor. The finish position is overhead with lockout at the elbow, shoulder, hips and knees. Athletes must alternate left and right hands with each rep. There is a 10 burpee penalty for dropping a dumbbell.

Pullups start with the athlete in full extension under the bar and finish with chin breaking the vertical plane of the top of the bar. Pullups should pass the ’30-foot test’, which says that a judge that is 30 feet away can see that they’re legit! Jumping pullups will be sized on the outstretched athlete’s arms, which must pass over the bar with at least four inches to the wrist.

We’re still looking for judges and volunteers. If you can help, please email Rob and send him your t-shirt size.

We need Judges (and other volunteers)


We’re looking for experienced judges and other volunteers for our April 26th event. If you can help, please email Rob at Info@BigGayWod.com. No L1 or judging experience necessary!

Big Gay WOD – April 26th at CrossFit DelVal

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.23.49 AMWelcome to the website for Big Gay WOD, an LGBT-themed CrossFit event happening at CrossFit Delaware Valley on April 26th. This event is open to EVERYONE and is going to be a ton of fun. Please read more in the ‘About BGW’ page above. More information to come!